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Pomalo-Retreat. Your oasis of peace,
personal growth and wellbeing.

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Imagine ...

... yourself in sun-kissed Dalmatia, embraced by breathtakingly beautiful nature, caressed by the gentle waves of the sea and lit by thousands and thousands of stars in the night sky.

In a Mediterranean environment that by its very existence is a balm for body, mind and soul. And then imagine that in this environment you get a tailor-made wellbeing program. Your personal Pomalo retreat. In which it's all about you. Where you can switch off. Let go. Clear your head. Fill up your power tank - and rediscover and (re)align your inner compass. Disconnect from the world, reconnect with yourself.

Therefore, the Pomalo Retreat is basically designed for individuals (small groups on request). This creates maximum exclusivity, flexibility and individuality. You can choose among others from:

  • Meditations (also in and by the sea)

  • Olive oil tasting, wine tasting

  • Breath Work

  • guided tours with a personal tourist guide through the UNESCO world heritage cities of Trogir or Split

  • Boat tour with private skipper, stops at breathtaking bays as well as enchanting islands

  • mindfulness sessions and life coaching

  • excursions in nature (walk & talk)

  • Visionboard workshop and journaling

  • Storytelling and writing workshop

  • body treatments (massages, body empowerment)

  • Energy work (e.g. Theta Healing)

  • Sound Healing (Handpan)

  • In addition, of course, there is a lot of pleasure and Dalmatian delicacies (also vegetarian/vegan) as well as lightness and joie de vivre. And very important: a lot of time for yourself, which you arrange in a way that makes you happy and allows you to come to rest. Ciao tight schedules, hello pomalo. Welcome spontaneity and slowness.

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Dalmatia: a powerhouse of natural energy.

Holistic Health & Happiness - Dalmatia offers the optimal natural setting for this. The air, the sea, the minerals, the herbs and the forests have proven properties that have a positive effect on our biochemistry. For example, the Adriatic Sea has a 7 to 14% higher concentration of minerals than other bodies of water. In addition, seawater is known to relieve tension and stress, alleviate skin problems and hormonal disorders, and help with arthritis and rheumatism. The light and sun in Dalmatia not only brighten your mood, this was already known in ancient times, from which heliotherapy was founded. The humidity of the air and pine forests help to breathe deeply and also in case of respiratory problems. In addition, wonderful medicinal plants such as rosemary, sage and laurel grow everywhere.

"Life changing. That was that
Pomalo retreat for me."

"Retreat with Vanessa is pure love, joy of life and well-being."

"Summary of the retreat: more strength, clarity and a realigned compass."

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  • Retreat duration: minimum 3 days, maximum 10 days.

  • Retreat location: Island of Ciovo/Trogir (by arrangement, we are also happy to retreat to other places/islands in Dalmatia or on the ship).

  • Retreat sessions/applications: in special places in nature as well as in selected premises.

  • Accommodation: you choose how and where you want to stay. Whether in a (luxury) hotel, in a typical Dalmatian stone cottage or cozy apartment, in a villa or in a van - you decide according to your taste and budget. Or maybe you are already in Croatia for vacation anyway and want to combine that with some Pomalo retreat days - then let's talk about where to meet and how to organize the time together.

  • Retreat times: Mid-April to late June and September to early November.

  • Retreat costs: depending on duration, program and location(s). Therefore: for more information and questions feel free to write me here. My team and I are looking forward to meeting you.

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