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Terms and Conditions I General Terms and Conditions

​1. scope


1.1 The following general terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions of the organiser/service provider under this contract with its contractual partner, hereinafter referred to as "participant".


1.2 Changes to these terms and conditions will be communicated to the participant in writing. They are considered approved if the participant does not object in text form. The participant must send the objection to the organizer within 2 weeks after notification of the changes.

2. General


2.1. Vanessa Ast performs coaching and consulting in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). With the commissioning, these conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the customer (hereinafter also referred to as the client).
Further agreements are only binding for Vanessa Ast if they are confirmed by her in writing.
The contracts concluded by Vanessa Ast  are service contracts, unless expressly agreed otherwise. The object of the contract is therefore the provision of the agreed services, not the achievement of a specific result. In particular, Vanessa Ast does not owe a specific economic result. Your opinions and recommendations prepare the entrepreneurial decision of the client. In no case can you replace them.

Vanessa Ast is entitled to use assistants, expert third parties and other vicarious agents to implement a consulting contract. It neither promises nor provides consulting services in legal and tax matters due to the applicable provisions. These services are to be provided by the client himself.

Vanessa Ast provides her consulting services on the basis of the data and information made available to her by the client or his agents. These are checked by me for plausibility.

The organizer is responsible for the factual correctness and completeness.

3. Subject of the contract


3.1 The service provider offers services (online and in person). A precise designation and listing of the range of services will be announced by the event organiser, among other things, on its business premises, its website and other media used by it.


3.2 Basic subject of the contract/task description: The subject of the contract are the services ordered and paid for by the customer, as well as items from the shop.


4. Offers/Fees


4.1 The offers are non-binding. Subject to change. All fees are in euros. The fees specified in the consulting agreement are charged for services. Ancillary costs, such as telephone charges, travel and accommodation costs, etc., will be billed separately to the client or customer within reasonable limits.

The appointments for telephone calls are agreed between the service provider and the client according to mutual availability. As long as there is no cost commitment from another body, the client is deemed to be the debtor of the consulting fee.

Unless otherwise agreed, the fee is due immediately after invoicing and without deduction. Retention of the fee and offsetting are only permitted if the claims of the client have been recognized by Vanessa Ast or have been legally established.

5. Conclusion of the contract


5.1 A contract with the service provider is concluded when a participant books the service online on the website, as well as by e-mail or in person.


5.2 The participant will then receive an automatically generated confirmation in the form of a e-mail.


5.3 Participation is binding. The respective cancellation guidelines are stored in the description text  of the respective event/service. 


5.4 In the case of a group registration, for example in the case of a company outing, the service provider concludes a participation contract for the group with the person responsible for the participants or with the person authorized to issue instructions. This is also binding.


5.5 The organizer reserves the right to cancel or terminate the event up to 1 weeks before the start of the event after exhausting all possibilities if this is not reasonable because the booking volume for this event is so low, that the costs incurred in relation to this event would mean exceeding the economic sacrifice limit.

5.6 The customer can add the goods presented in the shop to the shopping cart using the "Add to shopping cart" button and will then be guided through the ordering process, where he/she can enter all relevant data for the order . By clicking on "Buy now" the customer is forwarded to pay on PayPal and is asked to log in to PayPal when the PayPal pop-up window appears. The contract is concluded when the customer places his/her order and pays via Paypal or credit card. The customer then receives an automatically generated order confirmation in the form of a e-mail. Contract language is German.


6. Contract Duration and Remuneration


6.1 The contract begins and ends at the specifically and individually agreed time.


6.2 Terms of payment: The participation fee for the respective event is based on the organizer's current price table at the time the contract was concluded. The participant can meet his payment obligation by PayPal, bank transfer or cash payment. Items from the shop can be paid for by Paypal or credit card.

6.3 All services of the organizer are including the legally applicable value added tax of currently 16 %.

7. Scope of Services and Services Not Used


7.1 The scope of services depends on the respective contract between the organizer and the participant.


7.2 If individual services are not used by a participant, the organizer reserves the right to charge the entire participation fee. In the event of illness, an alternative date will be agreed.

8. Cancellation of an Appointment


Agreed dates are generally binding. This also applies to the free preliminary talk.
The time and place of the service  are mutually agreed between the service provider and the participant. The participant undertakes to appear punctually for all meetings.

A free cancellation or postponement of the services is possible up to 2 working days before the appointment at the latest.

9. Force majeure and other obstacles to performance


Vanessa Ast is entitled to postpone the agreed dates in the event of force majeure, including performance obstacles that have arisen due to illness, accident or similar.

In this case, the service provider will inform the participant as soon as possible and offer an alternative date. If the participant could not be reached on the phone number left or in any other case, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of travel or other costs.


10. Copyright


Unless otherwise agreed, all documents handed over to the participant are included in the agreed remuneration. The documents are intended for the personal use of the participant.

The copyright to the concepts of the service provider and documents belongs solely to Vanessa Ast. The participant is not permitted to reproduce the documents in whole or in part and/or to make them accessible to third parties without the written consent of Vanessa Ast . Publication, even in part, is prohibited.


11. Insurance Coverage


Each participant bears full responsibility for himself and his actions within and outside of the sessions (services) and is responsible for any damage caused. The service  by Vanessa Ast is not psychotherapy and cannot replace it. Participation requires normal mental and physical resilience.

The organizer of webinars, seminars, workshops, etc. is always the client. The participants therefore have no insurance cover from Vanessa Ast.



12. General Conditions of Participation


12.1 The participant acts in breach of contract if, despite a warning, he persistently disrupts the event, or if he behaves contrary to good morals to a considerable extent, so that a smooth running of the event cannot be guaranteed. In this case, the organizer reserves the right to exclude the participant from the event. The organizer reserves the right to charge the participation fee. The participant is at liberty to prove that the effort involved was lower.


12.2 The service provider is authorized to give instructions to the participants for the duration and within the framework of the event.


12.3 Each participant separately signs a liability release regarding personal injury and damage to property as a result of participation in the service offering.


12.4 The participants undertake not to be under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics that could impair their ability to react and their physical condition. In the event of violations of this, the organizer is entitled to exclude the participant from the event.


12.5 Before the event, the organizer's service provider must be informed about health problems and any illnesses.


12.6 In the event of recognizable health problems, the organizer is entitled to exclude the participant concerned from the event. The organizer reserves the right to charge the participation fee. 


12.7 Events and seminars, especially those in the so-called outdoor area, are never without a residual risk. Each participant is only insured against an accident and rescue as part of their own accident insurance.


13. Confidentiality


The organizer undertakes to maintain secrecy about all trade and business secrets of the participant/client for the duration of an event and also after it has ended.


14. Liability


14.1 The services as well as all documentation and working papers have been carefully considered and checked by the organizer. Vanessa Ast's work is purely a service activity. A success is therefore not owed. Liability is excluded. Any data is sent or transmitted electronically at the risk of the participant.


14.2 The regulation of the above paragraph (14.1) extends to compensation for damages in addition to the service, compensation for damages instead of the service and the claim for compensation for wasted expenses, regardless of the legal reason, including liability for defects, delay or impossibility.

15. Service Provider's Duty to Cooperate


The service is provided on the basis of the preparatory discussions held between the parties. It is based on cooperation and mutual trust. In this context, Vanessa Ast would like to point out that her service is a free, active and self-responsible process and that certain successes cannot be guaranteed. Vanessa Ast is at the participant's side as a process facilitator and as support for decisions and changes - the actual change work is done by the participant. The participant should therefore be ready and open to deal with himself and his situation.


16. Final Advice


Should individual provisions of the contract with the participant, including these General Terms and Conditions, be or become wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The wholly or partially ineffective regulation should be replaced by a regulation whose economic success comes as close as possible to that of the ineffective one.


17. Delivery costs & Shipping costs


Before accepting the package, it must be inspected for damage and removed content.

The delivery takes place after receipt of the order. The delivery time is up to 3 working days, we assume no liability for any different delivery times from DHL, DPD, Hermes or the post office.



18. Returns / return / cancellation policy


18.1 In the event of cancellation of the purchase, the return will only be accepted if a completed return form is enclosed. You will receive this after contacting us

18.2 You have the right to return the goods within fourteen days without giving a reason. The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the day on which the goods were delivered.

18.3 In the event of a defective product, we will refund the purchase price and cover the return costs. 

18.4 For returns within Germany, we will refund the purchase price, the return costs are to be borne by the customer. We will refund the purchase price for an exchange for a different size.

19. Retention of Title

The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until full payment has been made.


20. Liability

Contracts between the seller and the customer take place under German Recht. The seller assumes no liability for damage caused by the transport company.​

21. Severability Clause

Should a provision of these General Terms and Conditions not be effective, the statutory provisions shall apply in place of the invalid provision. In any case, the legal validity of all other provisions is not affected.

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