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Kristina, 36, Barber-Lady and Copywriter

I did the Magic Mindfulness course with Vanessa in combination with Theta Healing, Life Coaching and the Pomalo Retreat. And what can I say. So much has changed in my life since then. There is so much more love, especially self-love, serenity, warmth, acceptance, abundance, courage ... One of my biggest learnings in mindfulness coaching was and still is: I am so much more than my (negative) thoughts. In the meantime I am more mindful with myself and my environment. In difficult situations, where I used to go crazy, I can now react very calmly and thoughtfully, and very often I don't need to react at all. Vanessa has given me wonderful techniques and methods that make my professional and private life much easier and allow me to live more stress-free. And I have found more in my femininity again through our common path. In late summer 2023 I did the Pomalo Retreat with Vanessa in Dalmatia and it was an incredible experience and journey to myself. Vanessa has the gift of taking a person by the hand so gently and lovingly that the heaviness that sits deep within you becomes lightness. Just being with her is soothing and feels safe and protected. I was able to release many stuck blockages in me. My healing process is still in full swing, further accompanied by Vanessa. She taught me: if you meet life with love, then a lot of love comes back. Thank you Vanessa, you are pure love.

Franziska, 30, artist

Vanessa has already supported me in several challenging life situations with coaching, mentoring as well as energy work. I have always appreciated her gentle and at the same time determined way. Then came The Pomalo Retreat with her and it was powerful, adventurous, beautiful, diverse and the epitome of freedom and ultimately the start of a new chapter in my life. Vanessa's life-changing healing work gives so much and triggers so much: new courage to live, self-reflection, profound change processes, joy, love, power & healing. In the retreat some deep-seated blockages were released in a loving way. With meditations, sound healing, journaling, profound conversations, theta healing in the enchanting scenery of Dalmatia (sea air, sun, salt on the skin...). I felt better during these days than I have in a long time. A thousand thanks Vanessa, for this unique experience!

Davor, 32, restaurateur

I like your energy, Vanessa. It is present, warm, loving, sensitive and in the right places spirited and humorous. You gave me through life coaching in such a clear and profound way a new look at myself as a man and a human being - actually at the whole of life. You saw me and felt me. You guided me gently and to the point through my personal process. Now I see and feel myself again. I am no longer a robot that just functions. I feel alive again, full of energy and I laugh a lot more. Thank you.

Laura, 28, journalist

I have already met Vanessa as a speaker as well as a coach and am always thrilled by her special aura, which fills the room and hearts with energy. Wow! No calendar sayings, but the full portion of life, please! Especially the Theta Healing sessions with her will stay in my memory for a long time - warm, mindful and sensitively guided by Vanessa's voice, words and touch I felt to places inside me that were hidden before. Even though all these buried and sometimes painful emotions were out in the open, at no point did I feel unsafe, but gently bedded and protected - thanks to Vanessa. This woman knows what she stands for and leaves behind exactly that: love.

John, 47, IT specialist

The Body Wellbeing sessions with you were unique for me. I felt like I was walking on clouds during each session. You touched not only my body but my soul, you released internal and external blockages. The energy of your hands is magical and healing. You give deep peace and at the same time so much power. Thank you so much for this intense experience.

Jasna, 36, entrepreneur

Only the good words can go to you Vanessa. You are an amazing person with cheerful character, a wonderful smile that brings your incredible warmth out. I’ve met you in the hardest time of my life when my husband just died and when I find myself alone with three kids and a business. You helped me to bring my smile back, my hope, you brought me in contact with my inner power and you helped me to find the strength to decide for joy and the miracles of life again. Since I've met you, I had only pleasant and candid moments with you. You helped me a lot with only talking to you. And even if you don't say anything, your mere presence is healing. I am super glad and grateful I met such a person in my life and hopefully you can remain in my life for as long as possible. Thank you and lots of love for you.

Doris, 50, teacher

My favorite journey companion ... Mindfulness training, coaching, theta sessions, bodywork - my personal healing journey became such a rich and beneficial one through Vanessa's effective, loving, wise, finely tuned tools and skills put together with fullest clarity. She accompanied my "growing pains" with comforting gestures and intuitive body applications - her magic hands do their part here. In the same way she was there for me as a shifting mindset companion and motivational miracle and together we had many humorous light and intense moments. Her inspiring way, her treasure of language and her liveliness are outstanding. She met me with absolute respect regarding my pace and full respect for my inner processes - a brilliant, charming and warm-hearted travel companion to myself. THANK YOU Vanessa!

Juri, 37, coach

As an athlete and trainer I already knew a bit about breathing. But what a tremendous power breath work has and then in combination with mediation, that impressed me very much. Above all, it has replenished my energy reserves, I feel fitter, more focused and I am definitely in a much better mood. The coaching sessions with you were just top notch. I can't imagine a better fitness trainer for body, mind and soul.

Ljubica, 43, filmmaker

I feel it as an incredible blessing to have discovered Vanessa as a Wellbeing Coach in Dalmatia. Being with her in my stuck life situation was more than life and wellbeing coaching. It was and continues to be instrumental in my inner healing. Vanessa has empathic sensitive sensors that go right to where the deep blockages are. Through her clear and at the same time so warm-hearted structure I have been able to release my blockages and now draw again from my full potential, which could not emerge for so long. Vanessa and Croatia in combination is a true rest for the soul. Lightness, joy of life, love and so much more. I am more than grateful and can only recommend a wellbeing trip to and with Vanessa. Thank you, dear Vanessa.

Nikola, 41, entrepreneur

Vanessa, thank you for your wisdom, how you teach, motivate, understand and cheer. I always felt in good hands in the coaching sessions with you. You feel that there is not only a lot of expertise, you know life with all its ups and downs, there is so much experience and lived experience. That made it so special for me, because you are so authentic and human.

Loredana Meduri, Top 100 Speakers Excellent

The topic of Mindfulness is becoming increasingly important and Mindful Work and Mindful Leadership are no longer foreign words in the working world. Vanessa Ast embodies this topic through and through and is a great inspiration and enrichment for everyone. It is not only her competence that makes her particularly recommendable - she is honest, authentic and you can feel that she loves what she does. She manages to combine variety and diversity with depth and lightness. With her, everyone has a more than professional, warm and trustworthy expert at their side.

Jörg Seewald, author and radio host egoFM

I did a two-day meditation and mindfulness intensive seminar with Vanessa Ast. She convinced from the first second of contact. With her friendly manner, her professional structures, her warm approach and at the same time professional distance. A mixture that made it very easy for me, who am a distinctly distrustful head person, to fall very quickly and get involved in explanations, knowledge transfer and exercises. This quickly created a feeling of being lifted up, which only made the guided immersion in myself possible. Would not have thought before that this is so easily possible. The positive effects of the mindfulness teachings already set in on the first day and finally Vanessa Ast put the key for a completely new inner world of my own into my hands. What luck. Thank you!

Kathrin, leadend employees

You are a gift to the world. Basically you were/are my gamechanger. The weekend with you had such a lasting impact on me and changed me for the better, I can't stand it. The retreat was a few weeks ago now and since then a deep inner peace has set in. The way I feel and treat myself is completely different: more loving, respectful and forgiving. It's like I needed exactly your input to find that peace. I've been looking for it for a while, read and tried a lot. Possibly this was just the right preparation to now get the final touch from you. I am so grateful to have listened to my feeling and to have taken this mindfulness and meditation weekend with you. What I had been looking for was an eye-opening and phenomenal introduction to this topic. That's exactly what I got this weekend with you. And so much more. As if a door had opened that certainly can't be closed. As if something had anchored and changed in my heart and irretrievably connected with this topic. You are a warm-hearted, impressive and empathic woman who teaches this subject with great dedication. And you are also a bit wise. What was especially valuable for me was that you did it so without pressure. Often in seminars one puts oneself under pressure to implement everything immediately. Or this pressure is conveyed in seminars. With you it is completely different, which is infinitely valuable for me. This leads to the fact that I have confidence in myself to do everything the way it is good for me. The loving and peaceful acceptance of myself does me good and brings peace and ease to my everyday life. Because actually it is about nothing else in life: to come to terms with oneself and to feel good about it. Then "being" in the present, in the now, is possible.

James, bugler

Vanessa is simply a professional and wonderful person with an extensive knowledge of mindfulness. Coupled with her charisma and well structured sessions, I have become a better person and have grown in all aspects of life.

Marcela, physiotherapist

I strongly associate Vanessa Ast with the word inspiration. Her manner, demeanor, wit and sensitivity at the right time provide great motivation for people who may be shy here and there to deal with their issues and challenges. Clients find strength, support, energy and regain confidence in themselves with Vanessa Ast.

Uli, art director

Competent and passionate, her head always filled with great ideas - Vanessa Ast is full of creativity and inspiration. She is a professional through and through and a soul of a person. That makes working with her extremely pleasant and very rewarding.

Cornelia, lecturer

Vanessa Ast, that is unwavering and uncompromising enthusiasm for quality of life through mindfulness, active stress management and constant reflection. Her enthusiasm, energy and power have viral effects and are authentically nourished by her own experiences, profound expertise, a fabulous sense of humor and her gently provocative repartee. The contagion of healthy and self-determined living in balance is immense, a permanent antidote basically ineffective.

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