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Holistic health happiness


«Thinking negatively or being angry for 1 minute weakens the immune

system by up to 4 to 5 hours. Laughing for 1 minute strengthens that

immune system for up to 24 hours.»

There are a lot of strengths in each of us. In other words, talents, characteristics and abilities that make us as a person and make us unique. But in every day, in every life, there are circumstances and disruptive factors that influence our full development, that can block us, drive us into stress spirals, fears and self-doubt, dead ends and mental and physical exhaustion.


It usually starts in the head - with the noise of thoughts and all the limiting and unproductive beliefs that we (unconsciously) repeat every day. Science knows: These dysfunctional or negative thoughts create emotions and biochemical imprints in the body, which eventually affect the immune system and influence our whole health, mentally and physically. And according to the resonance principle, also create our reality.


Mindset. Heartset. Bodyset. You are a holistic being. In the joint work, your awareness of this will be sharpened. In addition, your personal disturbing factors will be identified and your strengths will be activated and cultivated. From mind full to mindful - for more serenity, health, contentment, focus, power and joy of life.

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Healing is the new high

Good to know: The immense effectiveness of mindfulness training, meditation and holistic wellbeing methods has been medically and scientifically proven thousands of times. Therefore, more and more health insurance companies and employers around the world are subsidizing corresponding courses and coaching. Just ask your insurer or boss...

Breath Work
Ease and release.

Our breath keeps us alive. It automatically supplies us with oxygen and vital energy, and plays a key role in detoxifying our bodies. But we often pay no attention to this vital breath. And most people don't breathe "properly" either: physiologically, we only use about 30% of our breathing capacity and therefore only a fraction of our vital and vital force. The consequences: - Chronic tension - Tiredness and dwindling motivation - Weakened immune system - Impaired intestinal activity - Accumulated stress and negativity - Suppression of creativity and joy of life Breath coaching assists in clearing all blockages. Clients experience deep relaxation, a better connection to their creativity and creative power, and a significantly higher energy level. Furthermore, conscious breathing provides a connection to the present moment. This provides calmness of mind, clarity and concentration. You arrive completely in your body. And by the way, all cells receive a proper cleansing oxygen shower ... A Breath Work session lasts 45 minutes and costs in the exclusive 1:1 online 59 Euro as well as in person 79 Euro, Bundle of 4 sessions online 210 Euro, in person 305 Euro Individual group coaching and workshops on request.

Body empowerment
Calmness, you deserve it.
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Our body is the temple of our soul. A miracle of creation that performs for us around the clock and has immense self-healing powers. But with all the everyday tasks and stresses, the physical battery is usually emptier than that of the smartphone. We are often more at home in our head than in our body and only really become aware of it when it doesn't work the way we want it to, when we are in pain or when we get sick. You want to take a little time out of your everyday life? Relax and recharge your batteries? Do yourself and your body good and give it the love and attention it deserves? Then the Body Empowerment Session is just right for you. During this treatment you just lie there and get pampered by me. Energetically and physically. With an individual mix of for example massage and touch of your energy points, essential oils, hot stones and gentle breath work. This experience of stepping out of continuous thinking and connecting with your own body provides deep relaxation as well as release of tension, more energy and lightness. In addition, through body awareness we can reach deeper layers within ourselves and get in touch with a wisdom that often escapes our everyday consciousness. Calmness, you deserve it. The Body Empowerment session lasts 75 minutes and costs 130 euros.

Magic mindfulness
Welcome to the here and now. Welcome to real life.

Mindfulness is another intensive pillar in consciousness work and wellbeing. It gives so much more clarity, power, love and quality of life and is not for nothing the gamechanger for so many people worldwide. In the course you will get among other things - a zoom into the brain, its thought spirals and the explanation why we are rarely in the here and now, what stress this creates, what limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior patterns are formed from this and what immense (negative) influence this all has on our lives - profound knowledge transfer for more insight, relaxation and freedom of action - an introduction to mindfulness and the teaching and practice of various effective mindfulness & mindset methods for everyday life - numerous powerful meditations - valuable impulses for further tools that can be implemented immediately - Coaching and reflection rounds as well as Q & A The Magic Mindfulness course (6 sessions of 75 minutes each) costs in the exclusive 1:1 online 799 Euro, in person 899 Euro. Individual group coaching, workshops and retreats on request.

Life coaching
You choose what you don't change.

Life consists of many changes, surprises and challenges. I support my clients to master these and to get the best out of themselves and the situation. And of course I accompany and strengthen people in the realization of their life dreams and visions. For more motivation, confidence, focus and thrust. Through the proven methods of my mindful transformation & empowerment teaching, personal intentions, desires and values are systematically filtered out, blockages are identified and eliminated and skills are anchored, which represent a sustainable advance in personal development and lead to more decisiveness, joie de vivre, balance, success and clarity. Individually tailored to the respective life phase or task. In a holistic approach. And for the highest and best good of my clients. A life-coaching session (1:1) lasts 75 minutes and costs online 180 Euro, in person 200 Euro. Bundle of 4 sessions online 700 Euro, in person 780 Euro

Audio course
Just breathe & be.

This audio course by Vanessa is balm for the soul and food for the heart. With her warm and beautiful voice she has recorded five Mindful Meet-up modules full of impulses, appropriate meditations and affirmations for you (in German): 1. Aloha: breath is everything. Everything is breath. 2. Get connected: connection inside and outside. 3. Gratitude: energy follows attention. 4. Who do you want to be? Transform and manifest. 5. Mindful talk: mindful communication and affirmations. Total duration: just under 5 hours, playable as many times as you like (downloads file). The audio course includes a deepening, lovingly designed workbook (digital as pdf for download and print). Price audio course with workbook: 59 Euro

Free your mind. Relax body & soul.
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We take a shower every day, we brush our teeth and apply lotion. But what do we actually do for the care of our mind and our consciousness? Meditation is like a cleansing as well as soothing bath for our body, our soul and especially for our mind, which is continuously making noise of thoughts. Regular meditation washes away stress and creams our insides with calm and loving peace. Happier, healthier and more focused. Science knows: meditation can be life-changing and is an important component in healing processes. In Free your mind coaching you will learn and experience what meditation is and does, how it can be integrated into your life as a regular practice and what (mindfulness-based) forms of meditation are available. Tailor-made, including knowledge transfer, reflection rounds, coaching sessions, Q & A as well as professional instructions and body journeys. The Free your mind basic course includes 6 x 75 minute sessions and costs in exclusive 1:1 online 399 Euro, in person 499 Euro One-time meditation session, individual group coaching and workshops on request.

Theta Healing®
Discover your own power and take charge of your life.

With our thoughts and emotions we create our reality. Positive or negative. Because every thought, every emotion has an electromagnetic field and is therefore pure energy. But we are usually not even aware of this. We live according to a program that works in the depths of our subconscious and was usually created in childhood. So most of our thinking and doing is based on our unconscious imprints, convictions and often limiting beliefs like "I'm not good enough.", "I can't do that.", "Everything has to be perfect.", "What should others think?", "Trust is good, control is better.", "I don't have the money/time for that.", "You can't have everything in life." or "Love has to be earned." This results in destructive thought and behavior patterns that make everyday life difficult and ultimately prevent us from fully developing ourselves and our potential and leading a happy as well as healthy life. Through ThetaHealing® - an energetic coaching method that is now established worldwide - the respective cause of limiting beliefs, blockages, fears or negative beliefs is very gently tracked down, dissolved and positively changed. Among other things, a special meditation technique works to activate the theta waves (otherwise active during the transition to sleep or during hypnosis) in the brain to gain access to subconscious information and emotions. Desiring more ease in your life? A better relationship with yourself and your fellow human beings? To get rid of undeserving imprints? Less stress and more joy? Then let's get started. Discover your own power and take charge of your life. A ThetaHealing® session lasts 75 minutes and costs in the exclusive 1:1 online 150 Euro as well as in person 170 Euro. Bundle of 4 sessions online 580, in person 660 Euro.

Living is giving

Giving creates joy. Voucher for 50, 100 or 150 € for a session with Vanessa. You can find the program here on the website. You will receive the vouchers after your purchase as a digital product to print out.

All information and dates for public lectures, seminars and workshops can be found in the news section.

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