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Dalmatia is not only a place close to my heart's place because of its breathtaking natural beauty, but also because of its wonderful people and their basic attitude - and that is "pomalo". There is no real dictionary definition for it. But “pomalo” is much more than just a word. It is an ingrained positive way of life.


For Dalmatians, the mode is not "survive", but "live". In the moment, in the here and now - even if it may be very stressful at the moment (such as during the tourist season). More serenity, less stress and brainfuck. It is what it is. Therefore, no pressure, no rush. Slow down, don't worry and relax - it will be fine ...

Happiness has the power to heal

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And so people here, among other things, when greeting each other on the street with a small nod of the head or raising a hand and this simple word, remind each other to stay calm, to pause, to take their time, not to take everything so terribly hard and just don't enjoy to forget. Because life is too short, let's create precious moments and cherish them, laugh, celebrate and be happy where we can. Pomalo.


Through my travels and life in Dalmatia, I have understood how this philosophy extends into every area of life and has a lot to do with understanding values, priorities and time management. I immersed myself deeply in this culture, researched the Dalmatian formula for happiness and developed the "Pomalo principle" from it. A powerful course for more lightness, slowness and zest for life. Less stress, more happiness.


In coaching you get, among other things

  • Clarity and focus for your very personal values and desires

  • Time and priority analysis

  • the introduction to the Pomalo principle

  • Methods for more deceleration, relaxation and joie de vivre in everyday life

  • tons of happiness and wellbeing tools

  • Valuable impulses and support for cultivating your individual Pomalo principle

  • Reflection rounds and Q & A


The Pomalo course (6 sessions of 75 minutes each)

costs 999 euros in the exclusive 1:1 online, in person 1199 euros.

Individual group coaching and workshops on request.

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Pomalo intensive: Your personal retreat in Dalmatia.

Do you need a break from everyday life and just want to really do "pomalo"? Let yourself be enchanted by the Dalmatian vibe, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, swim in the crystal clear sea, let the sun shine on you and let yourself be pampered, just enjoy and do what makes you happy? Then come to your personal Pomalo retreat in Dalmatia and let me accompany you with a wellbeing program tailored to your needs and wishes. For more information, photos and reviews from retreat guests, click here

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