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What mindfulness has to do with Kairos, the Greek god of the happy moment.

My new Dalmatian hometown of Trogir is also called "the city of the happy moment". This is due to the Greek god Kairos. One of the best-preserved reliefs of the youngest son of Zeus was found in Trogir in the 3rd century BC - and since then he has been one of the most important symbols with its own museum of the UNESCO World Heritage city.

In Greek mythology, Kairos stands for the personification of favorable time and is depicted with wings on his back and feet. So instead of measuring time quantitatively in, for example, hours (Chronos), Kairos focuses on the quality of the present moment, which you should recognize and not miss, otherwise it will fly past you. Kairos mingles hurriedly and almost silently with people, giving them the opportunity to catch it and thus catch a happy moment. That single moment that can make a significant difference - in decisions, the course of life, love, friendship ...

If we are not present, Kairos flies past us so quickly that we miss it. We should therefore be fully in the now and take in everything around us. Life, laughter, people, unique moments. And so, the wings of the young god remind the people in Trogir to be mindful and fully present, to look at life with open eyes, to take a risk, to dare to do something, to leave the autopilot and the "safety" in order to collect as many happy moments as they can.

I think it is wonderful to live in the city of the happy moment.

Photo: Visit Trogir



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