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Valentine's Day: about love and opening hearts.

Every year again. Valentine's Day - and the big (commercial) hype about love. Don't get me wrong, I think traditions like this are basically beautiful and if it were up to me, we could celebrate love every day. Really extravagantly. But a bouquet of flowers, chocolates or an invitation to a meal is just not enough in my opinion. All sweet gifts and gestures. But they're all worth nothing if the heart isn't "all in". And all year round.

Love 2024. Outlined in a somewhat extreme way: The dating platforms are still full of desperate seekers. Sex is easy to find there. Human abysses too. Real love is more likely to be rare. It's not much different in the so-called real world. Whether you're single or in a relationship, healthy, sincere and conscious partnerships seem to be a rarity. Better to be (unhappy) as a couple than alone - still a popular compromise. At least that's the impression ...

Where there's a wish, there are the supposed wish-fulfillers. People who have the perfect strategy for this, including on social platforms, "how you go her/him obsessed with you".

Holy shit.

Recently, a reel by creator Jenny Dinovi fluttered across my screen. In it, she says about this obsession topic: "The old world is dying; we are walking into a new era. Meaning, the old games of manipulation and control not gonna work anymore because too many people are healing now. So what is going to make her or him obsessed with you, is to open your fucking heart."

Word, girl!

These are my impressions: We all want love. Whether consciously or unconsciously. For ourselves and with others. We literally long for it. And at the same time, we are afraid to do what it takes. Namely, to open our hearts. Completely and truly. We are afraid to show ourselves completely. In the intricacy of our deepest desires and wounds. For fear of being hurt (again). For fear that our organ of love, our heart, will be broken, shattered, stabbed and torn to shreds. A collective paradox that has led to collective loneliness and collective pain.

I'm looking forward to a new era. And I like chocolates.


Have a good Valentine's Day.




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