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This is what happens when we turn fear into curiosity.

People often don't choose what they would prefer. They choose what they fear the least. And you know what: it's totally okay to be scared. Everyone gets scared sometimes. All the time. And especially when it comes to major or even life-changing decisions and moves ...


Be afraid - and do it anyway. Easy to say, but sometimes difficult to put into practice. So today I'm going to share a little trick with a big impact: try turning your fear into curiosity. While fear paralyzes, prevents, and sends a lot of stress hormones into our bodies, curiosity exhilarates. It opens the mind, keeps us alert and gives us strength. And the feeling of anxiety gives way to a much friendlier energy. The unknown or new no longer seems quite so threatening. We go from being scaredy-cats to adventurers who get involved, bravely set off (despite an anxious heart) and follow with confidence our inner compass.


In mindfulness teaching, we also speak of the beginner's mind. This is the art of looking at things or challenges in a completely neutral way and without conditioned judgment. Innocently like a child, with the necessary amount of openness, presence and, of course, joyful curiosity. All ingredients for the magic of the many "first times" in life.


So you can choose what you like best. What makes your heart beat faster. What makes your stomach churn. What puts a smile on your face and sends shivers through your body. What can happen, except that it might be really good and even better than you can imagine (in your anxious head). If you don't try, you'll never find out. In addition, a course can always be corrected. So what would happen if you turned fear into curiosity ...?

Lots of love




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