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From mind full tomindful:

For more serenity, satisfaction, focus, strength and (life) joy.

There is a lot of potential in each of us. In other words, talents, qualities and abilities that distinguish us as people, make us unique and thus an important part of the (working) world. But in every (working) day, in every life, there are circumstances and disruptive factors that influence the full development of potential, that block us, that can drive us into stress spirals, dead ends, and into mental and physical exhaustion.

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It usually starts in the head - with the noise of thoughts and with all the limiting and unproductive beliefs and beliefs that we (unconsciously) repeat every day. Science knows: These thoughts create emotions and biochemical imprints in the body, which in the event of (continuous) stress, strain, negativity, fears, worries and doubts ultimately impair the immune system and affect our entire health. And also create our reality according to the principle of resonance.

mindset heart set body set You are a holistic being. In the joint work, your awareness of this will be sharpened. In addition, your personal disruptive factors are identified, eliminated and your full potential activated and established as a result. From mind full to mindful - for more serenity, satisfaction, focus, strength and (life) joy.

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