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Individual coaching


The Corona crisis has changed all of our everyday lives immensely.

Whether homeschooling, home office and #stayhome or having to go to work. Whether self-employed or employed. Whether single, couple or family. Everyone currently has challenges and worries, stress and pressure with this situation in their own personal way.

Family structures have been thrown into disarray, relationships are subjected to a great test of endurance and some single people feel lonelier than ever. In addition, there is the fear for money, the health simply for existence. And the great uncertainty of when the whole magic will be over and how it will all end can make you feel helpless and out of control.

As a certified stress management and mindfulness trainer, I can support you in getting through this crisis with a cool head and a powerful mindset. Let's activate your strengths together, reduce stress and develop a supporting strategy.

I'm happy for you.


Solidarity price for 75 minutes of individual online coaching: 79 euros/hour

Go to registrationhere.

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Strength and confidence through meditation

Insecurity, high stress and fear have become part of our lives these days. In order to withstand the challenges and not lose confidence, we need strength and inner peace. And this can be achieved easily and efficiently through meditation. Science knows:



-improves concentration and attention

- Relieves stress and builds resilience

-increases general well-being and happiness

- Strengthens the immune system and accelerates healing processes

-slows down the aging process

-changes brain activity (“super learning”)

-and accelerates the growth of gray brain cells


As a mindfulness trainer for meditation and a trained meditation teacher, I am familiar with various methods and can give you your personal power booster in a one-hour online session. Tailored to your current challenges and needs. Learn simple yet effective meditations that will help you release stress and worry and find deep inner peace. In addition, you will receive practical tips that will help you to carry the relaxation from meditation into everyday life.

If you can't go outside, go inside.

Solidarity price per individual session: 39 euros

Go to registrationhere.

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